The ProjectViñas del Perchel

We are a family-run winery at the heart of the historic Humahuaca Ravine, specifically in the small spot known as Villa El Perchel, situated in the area between Huacalera and Tilcara, in the Argentine province of Jujuy.

We pioneered the implantation of fine varieties for the production of wines at the Ravine, over 2,625 meters above sea level, in a region distinguished by the extreme natural conditions that can be perceived in each of our wines.

``We make limited batches of sincere wines expressing the colors, aromas and flavors of the terroir where they are born.``

DiscoverOur Wines

Our blend and varieties perfectly represent high-altitude wines: pure strength, highly controlled tannins and perfectly crafted in the vineyard itself.

These are aromatic, unctuous, intensely sweet and strong wines that express the peculiar place where they are born: the Humahuaca Ravine.

viñas del perchel
viñas del perchel
viñas del perchel

viñas del PerchelTerroir

Our grapes are born and ripen in an area that is home to the world’s highest vineyards. Therefore, altitude and thermal amplitude are considered the most significant geographic and climatic factors that may impact the wine’s character.

The local culture, the grape-growing methods, the deep respect for nature, the non-interventionist winemaking techniques, as well as the patience during the process, are the key human factors that constitute an integral part of the terroir.


We make limited batches of sincere wines expressing the colors, aromas and flavors of the terroir where they are born. We provide an autochthonous and natural product that is typical of the Humahuaca Ravine.

We deeply respect the earth, the environment, the native flora and fauna. This way, we adapt our vineyard to the place, without damaging or removing other indigenous plants: grapevines can perfectly coexist with them.

``Our wines are made without haste, at the right time, harvesting the grapes manually at their right point of maturity; all the work is put into the raw material. We make small quantities to be able to work them in this way and wait for them until the moment that is necessary, since great wines are born of patience and dedication.``

Tourism, a unique experience.Visit us

The scenic beauty and the population’s millenary culture are part of our identity, a distinctive feature of Viñas del Perchel. For this reason, our small winery and vineyard of unique characteristics eagerly welcome tourists, as we know that the best way to thoroughly understand our winegrowing philosophy involves visiting the place where everything goes on.

``Being located in the heart of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Viñas del Perchel is a unique undertaking of its kind. We are part of its hills and valleys, of the rivers that cross it, of its scenic beauty and of its rich cultural heritage.``