viñ Philosophy
The Viñas del Perchel’s philosophy focuses on a range of values which are the cornerstone of our project:

We make limited batches of sincere wines expressing the Ravine’s colors, aromas and flavors. We provide an autochthonous and natural product that is typical of its native location.

We deeply respect the earth, the environment and its native flora and fauna. This way, we adapt our vineyard to the place, without damaging or removing other indigenous plants: grapevines can perfectly coexist with them.

We are aware of the fact that the native flora influences our vines and our wines’ character, and this is why we adopt a holistic vision of nature and winemaking.

Viñas del Perchel is perfectly integrated into the communities living in the Humahuaca Ravine. Our winery is socially responsible and attempts to makes a permanent contribution to our community, by preserving the area’s nature, culture and history.

Our Winemaking Style

Our wines are the faithful expression of the place they were born in, so our winemaking method seeks to be as natural as possible. We are convinced that the Humahuaca Ravine’s wines are a discovery; rather than being previously designed, they are a natural consequence of the terroir, the environment and what the grape provides for us in that exact place.

We leave the imprint of the attributes provided by the terroir in every wine, without intervening in the winemaking process. Each grape born in our vineyard is an authentic fruit that has ripened following the autochthonous maturity characteristics of the region, being this the experience perceived every time our wines are tasted.

We carry out the “minimalist winemaking” technique: the Viñas del Perchel wines speak for themselves, so any added component or activity carried out at the wine cellar goes unnoticed. Fruits are the single component expressed.

“These are wines made without haste, at their own pace, by manually harvesting grapes at the peak of ripeness, focusing on the raw material. We produce small batches, as this allows us to work this way, and wait for them as long as necessary. We believe that great wines are the result of patience and dedication”

Gabriela Celeste

What makes us uniqueOur Wines’ Essential Aspects

The elements that differentiate our wines are the Humahuaca Ravine’s water, air, wind, sun, stones, native vegetation and surrounding colors.

These are deeply colored and intensely strong wines, with a great character, distinctive of Jujuy.

Made using indigenous yeasts grown in the vineyard, without any additional components.

Each wine is reminiscent of the Ravine. You can perceive the zuico, payqu, molle aromas and the distinctive smell of this place’s soil.

Each wine captures the spirit of our culture, our landscapes and people.

In addition to their unique and surprising characteristics, these wines are exotic, wild, highly concentrated and structured and can considerably change over the years. But, most of all, these are intense and genuine wines whose qualities turn them into highly remarkable wines.



The winegrowing activity is closely linked to nature and the environment, so it should also be committed to its preservation.

We are aware of the fact that Viñas del Perchel is part of an exceptional terroir, our distinguishing feature. Therefore, we are environment-friendly, as we prioritize the preservation of the Humahuaca Ravine’s flora, fauna and natural resources to ensure that the quality that currently sets us apart remains present in the wines made by the generations to come.

We make wines in a highly rich region that provides us with an invaluable winegrowing quality. Our duty is therefore to be sustainable in order to return everything nature gives to us.