Our wines

At Viñas del Perchel, we make sincere wines that truly express the terroir, the landscapes, the culture and the extreme conditions present in the place where they are born. Our wines reflect the soul and identity of the Humahuaca Ravine, where we live and work.
These are aromatic, unctuous, sweet, intense and high volume wines. Our blend and grape varieties perfectly represent altitude wines: pure strength, highly controlled tannins, perfectly crafted in the vineyard itself.


This variety is a little bit rustic. An intense Malbec with highly expressive and persistent qualities that differ from any other wine made in other terroirs across the country.

Being 30% sourced from the vineyard’s lower area and 70% from a potassium-rich “dryland” zone, this wine is the combination of significantly different vineyard plots which provide their specific characteristics to the final result.


The high-altitude Tannat is like a cactus flower: beautiful and nice, blooming once every many years. The grapes used to make them are collected from the upper part of the vineyard, in a terroir affected by its high drainage and sunlight levels.

This wine is aged in barrels for 12 to 14 months, proceeding to its stowage in bottles before its launch into the market. A more pleasant and enjoyable deeply colored red that requires extra-patience until reaching its highest expression.


The first wine made by the winery is our red blend, whose name alludes to the Highlands and the Humahuaca Ravine’s inhabitants: strong and noble, with a strong personality.

Runa is a Syrah – Malbec blend which may have a slight touch of Tannat or Cabernet Franc after some harvests since, although the same style is preserved year after year, it is not possible to achieve exactly the same wine in all vintages.

This is Viñas del Perchel’s most rustic wine, with little intervention and winemaking work at the wine cellar. Fermented and macerated for 45 days and produced through minimalist winemaking techniques. The words that best describe them are: character, wildness, strength, roughness, personality and identity. 


This Syrah harvested from our Quebradeña estate surprises with its natural freshness, its acidity and the easy-to-enjoy expression that it has as soon as it is uncorked.

It is a red with dark colors, with wild and blackberry aromas that are very typical of the variety and are easily perceived. It was aged for 12 months in oak barrels and has been stowed for 24 months. On the palate it is structured, with a good body, and outstanding acidity. Elegant complex and long finish.