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join us in a unique experienceViñas del Perchel

Viñas del Perchel welcomes wine lovers in a unique natural setting, offering four different proposals that can be customized according to each group’s preferences.


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Guided tour

A walk around the vineyard and the wine cellar to know the terroir, learn more about the vines, the different grape varieties and the winemaking process. This visit is free of charge and usually lasts around 30-45 minutes.

Guided tour including wine tasting/lunch

A tour across the vineyard and the wine cellar, to conclude with a tasting of our three main lines and some of the wines currently undergoing the winemaking process. This experience gives the opportunity to taste our wines in the place where they are born and to appreciate the wine transformations, engaging all our senses. Optional lunch.

Grape harvest tourism

During the harvest season (taking place in April), we offer a special harvest proposal. This activity begins as visitors arrive at the vineyard in the morning, when they will receive a gift that includes a hat and a polo shirt to remember they will take part of the grape harvest activity, when natural conditions allow it. After this experience, they can take part in a cultural exhibition showcasing paintings, local products and regional crafts, in addition to talks and guided tastings. At the end, visitors will share a regional lunch while enjoying live music and dance performances.

The Humahuaca Ravine experience

As visitors arrive at Viñas del Perchel, they receive a typical hat as a gift, to be worn during the walk around the hills. The tour includes visits to the various iconic geographic and cultural sites of the Humahuaca Ravine as they learn about their historical significance. Upon reaching the panoramic view, visitors will enjoy a picada (charcuterie plate) with natural juice to recharge batteries before carrying on with the tour towards the house. Here, a small tasting will be offered while watching a video about the province of Jujuy and its high-altitude winemaking. Finally, we offer a regional gourmet lunch accompanied by our autochthonous music. Estimated activity duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes.

livingOur Culture

Given our location at the heart of the Humahuaca Ravine, the Viñas del Perchel enterprise is one of a kind. We are part of its hills and valleys, of the rivers flowing through it, of its scenic beauty and its rich cultural heritage.

We are immersed into an archaeological, historical and cultural site par excellence. These lands were not only inhabited by different cultures such as the diaguita, omaguaca and tilcara peoples, but they were also part of the Incan routes allowing for the transportation and the exchange of ideas from the Andean region to the low-lying areas. This is why we can currently still perceive the legendary strength of these cultures and see their descendants living in these territories.

The Humahuaca Ravine has also witnessed the fierce American War of Independence, providing shelter and men to the rising nation. These and other peculiarities led UNESCO to declare it a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site in 2003.

Both the natural environment and this millenary culture are part of our identity, a distinctive feature of our enterprise. For this reason, our small wine cellar and vineyard of unique characteristics eagerly welcome tourists, as we are certain that visiting our home and experiencing the connection with the surrounding nature is the best way to thoroughly understand what Viñas del Perchel really is.

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