viñ Terroir

The Terroir

Our grapes are born and ripen in an area that is home to the world’s highest vineyards, implanted at over 2,625 meters above sea level, in one of Argentina’s youngest and most extreme terroirs.

Despite its arid soil, which provides fruits with their stony-sandy character, the micro-climate of this area (the Humahuaca Ravine’s narrowest one) is a deciding factor in grape concentration. The day/night temperature difference is of around 15 °C so, in order to adapt to these sudden weather changes, the grapes’ pomace hardens and becomes extremely rich in polyphenols and tannins. Just like altitude, the low temperatures and the thermal amplitude are the greatest differentiating aspects of our terroir.

Favored by the dry climate, the luminosity throughout the year and the extreme seasons, their health also affects the development of the grapes’ attributes, which will therefore be reflected in the wines: intense colors, fruity aromas, high concentration, strength, great character and personality.

Distinctive Features

The terroir’s extreme conditions are the distinguishing characteristics of Viñas del Perchel, among which the following stand out:

AT 2,625 METERSAltitude

Altitude and thermal amplitude are considered the most significant geographic and climatic factors that impact the wine’s character.

Our prideLocal Culture

The local culture, the grape-growing methods, the deep respect for nature, the non-interventionist winemaking techniques, as well as the patience during the process, are the key human factors that constitute an integral part of the terroir.


In addition to the place’s beauty and the privileged landscape context, the Humahuaca Ravine possesses an ancestral culture. Viñas del Perchel is situated in a location of cultural and historical relevance, so the wines born here are the combination of all these aspects.

The Vineyard

Implanted on virgin soils, our vineyard is completely natural, being our vines and the native vegetation closely interconnected, to the extent that many of the aromatic plants growing in the vineyards are reflected in the wines’ nose.

The vineyard is located just on the hillside, in a sloped area, with such a broad thermal amplitude and nights so cold that it is impossible for said extreme condition not to be perceived in wines. However, given its location in Angosto del Perchel (the narrowest stretch of the Humahuaca Ravine), in many cases, this geographic position also acts as a natural defense against frosts.

Plants are also rough given the weather characteristics that plants are exposed to, as they can survive the environment’s dryness and aridity. As a consequence, the environment’s wild and inhospitable attributes can be perceived as wines are tasted, in their concentration, aromas, intensity and strength.


The cultural activities we undertake also turn us into an integral part of the Humahuaca Ravine’s terroir. All of us who make up the Viñas del Perchel team have developed a resolute and persistent personality, as we are used to deal with adverse climatic conditions on a daily basis.

With regard to agriculture, one of our most noteworthy values is the respect for the Ravine’s autochthonous vegetation, through the preservation of cacti, teasels, hawthorns, aromatic plants and shrubs inhabiting the terroir. Besides their scenic value, the presence of said plants, weeds and medicinal herbs allows vines to preserve the site’s identity and even to favor the development of particular characteristics; their aromas can be perceived in the wines and are part of their stamp.